SINCE 1400….

The first documentary mention of the Helfenrain farm dates back to the year 1400. The Golser family, which acquired the farm more than 400 years ago, gave it its present name. Thus, the old family name continues in the name of the farm.

Today, the Golserhof is in the twelfth generation of family ownership. It is exceptional for South Tyrol that four times daughters have ensured the continuity of the succession.

Beginnings in Tradition: The Origins of the Golserhof

The story of the Golserhof in Dorf Tirol began in 1954 when Great-grandmother Elisabeth helped a couple of architects from Munich looking for accommodation. Although originally not a guesthouse, Hildegard and Ignaz, Elisabeth's daughter and son-in-law, welcomed guests to their farm. This first encounter with hospitality marked the beginning of a more than 60-year tradition of warmth and service.


Vision and Transformation: The Evolution of the Golserhof

..began with humble beginnings and a great vision. Supported by architects from Munich, Grandma Hildegard and Grandpa Ignaz, along with their daughters Maria and Hildegard, initiated the first renovations, despite limited resources. With creativity, like pasting gift wrap on walls to cover the translucent hay, they created a cozy home. After Grandpa Ignaz's death, she and Aunt Daughter Maria ran the guesthouse until granddaughter Hiltrud Gufler passionately and joyfully continued the tradition in 1993.


Fresh Wind and Family Spirit: The Era of Hiltrud and Patrick

The takeover by Hiltrud, who was only 20 years old in 1993, brought a breath of fresh air to Golserhof. The passion for hotel management and the “renovation gene” were instilled in her from the cradle. When her husband Patrick, also from a family of hoteliers, joined, new ideas flowed into the business. “A real stroke of luck and my personal jackpot!” Hiltrud proudly exclaims. Her parents, Hildegard and Hermann, were always there to support her. Her father has since passed away, but her mother continues to be there whenever she is needed.


Preservation and Innovation: The Future of the Golserhof

Over the last 20 years, the Golserhof family has carefully renovated the building while preserving its charm. The former farm has become a 4-star superior hotel, known as the smallest and most familial in the Merano area. Under the leadership of Hiltrud and Patrick, the Golserhof combines historic character with modern comfort, offering an oasis of peace where tradition and innovation meet.