Your Gateway to Adventure and Relaxation in Tirolo

Just six kilometers away from the spa town of Meran, nestled on a gentle hill, lies the sun-drenched village of Tirolo. Art, culture, and nature shape the diversity of this small community, and the ambiance is uniquely Alpine-Mediterranean. The contrast between mountain and valley inspires delicious moments.


... enchants visitors with its charming little shops and a wide selection of local specialties, offering an unparalleled shopping experience. Moreover, the place serves as an ideal starting point for numerous hikes, from easy to challenging routes:

  • Along the Apple Trail
    A light, family-friendly hike through the orchards of Tirolo. Especially worth seeing during the apple blossom.
  • Along the Wine Trail
    Thematic hike following the traces of wine cultivation in Tirolo. Numerous stations provide insights into wine knowledge, cultivation, and history.
  • Path of Lords (Herrschaftsweg)
    Castles, rest points, and magnificent views along the way. The panoramic circular trail leads through forest paths and lives up to its name.
  • From Irrigation Channel to Irrigation Channel
    Along historical water channels, through light forests, over bridges and footbridges. A delight for young hikers.
  • Falconer's Promenade
    An impressive walk with views of three noble castles.
  • Tappeiner Trail
    Above the rooftops of Meran: Stroll along the slope of the Küchelberg, enjoy the view, and discover over 400 different plants.

Experience Texel Group Nature Park: Hiking in the Heart of Nature

From the Golserhof, your unique adventure begins in the Texel Group Nature Park. Immerse yourself in the untouched landscapes and discover the impressive diversity of the South Tyrolean Alps. Our team leads you to hidden beauties and provides access to spectacular views, perfect for hikers of every experience level. The majestic peaks and the rich mountain world of the Texel Group invite you to a personal journey of discovery. A special highlight of your exploration tour are the Spronser Lakes, a group of mountain lakes considered the highest in all of South Tyrol. Their crystal-clear waters and the surrounding alpine landscape offer a breathtaking backdrop for unforgettable moments during your stay in Tirolo.

Peace and Relaxation in a Stunning Natural Landscape

In the midst of this beautiful landscape, Tirolo is the perfect place for peace and relaxation. Here, surrounded by blooming apple trees and sun-drenched vines, you can escape everyday life and dive into a world of serenity. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, let your gaze wander over the mountains, and feel how body and mind regenerate. The Golserhof, your home away from home, is the ideal place to enjoy this tranquility and relax completely.

Meran – The Glittering Jewel of South Tyrol

Just a short trip away, the city of Meran awaits your discovery. This historic city, known as the jewel of South Tyrol, fascinates with its unique combination of Alpine and Mediterranean atmospheres. Meran is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and benefits from an exceptionally mild climate. This climate favors an amazing Mediterranean flora – palms next to glaciers are not uncommon here. Discover the rich history, experience the diverse culture, and let the scenic beauty enchant you. Every corner of Meran holds countless attractions and surprises for its visitors.

Panorama Chairlift Meran-Tirolo

Relaxing ascent to airy heights: The panoramic lift provides the fastest and most comfortable connection between the Segenbühel in Tirolo and the city center of Meran. Glide relaxingly over the vineyards while enjoying the magnificent view of the spa town of Meran.

Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

Where nature and art meet in a special rendezvous: Since 2001, the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle near Meran have presented over 80 garden landscapes from all over the world with numerous unique experience stations.

Tirolo Castle

Built in the 12th century, Tirolo Castle is the most significant of all Tyrolean castles and gave its name to the entire region. Today, Tirolo Castle houses the South Tyrolean Museum of Cultural and Regional History. In the castle's Knights' Hall, the popular soirees take place in June and July.
Directly on the castle hill, the Bird Care Center Tirolo Castle is located. The center's important task is to take in wild birds that are found injured, nurse them back to health, and, if possible, release them back into the wild. Spectacular and fascinating for children, teenagers, and adults alike are the flight demonstrations with birds of prey and owls, which take place twice daily from the end of March to the beginning of November.